American Fruit Wine Alliance

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The American Fruit Wine Alliance seeks to increase public awareness of craft produced Meads, Ciders, and Fruit Wines through trade and consumer education and by generating positive publicity of our producing members!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The American Amateur MCF Wine Competition is now open for entries! 2020 entry deadline is July 15th. Download entry form and guidelines on tab above. Don’t postpone your entry as depending on response the entry cut-off could be earlier. No late submissions will be accepted.

In our future we will offer courses for beginner and advanced level fruit wine competition judge certifications.


But year after year I come back to this place – Just to remember the taste – of strawberry wine.

Deana Carter

The vision of the American Fruit Wine Association is to promote the common interest and increase public awareness of licensed commercial and amateur craft producers of Mead, Cider, Exotic Wines, and of course Fruit Wines, associated suppliers and distributors, and supportive consumers. We will accomplish our goals through the operation of American Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competitions, by generating media promotion of the trade, advocating for less restrictive legislation, and by offering a platform for the exchange of information.  The following initiatives are proposed as the associations guiding directives.

  • Build a website to focus on the continued promotion of our vision. (Website remains a work in progress.)
  • Organize, operate, and promote the American MCF Wine Competitions.
  • Offer a database of industry contacts for both commercial and amateur members.
  • Seek to legally advocate for legislation in benefit of our members.
  • Generate social and print media plus word- of-mouth publicity for our members.
  • Offer current trade and regulatory news via our newsletter and targeted e-mails.
  • Build a platform for the exchange of targeted industry and trade information.
  • Provide for higher trade education and certification of our members. 
  • Build, audit, and certify a preferred industry supplier list.
  • Build, audit, and certify a preferred industry distributor list.
  • Organize a committee of industry professionals to guide the American Fruit Wine Association.
  • Promote the small businesses of our members.

Membership annual cost currently remains a topic under consideration. Therefore, for 2020, participation in the American MCF Wine Competition will entitle you to membership through the end of 2020.