Dennis and Jenni Turner – Founding Members

The American Fruit Wine Alliance.

Our alliance was born out of a desire to bring greater credibility and further awareness to fruit wine. The first thing we were asked, “ok then why mead?” While it is correct that mead isn’t a fruit wine, it remains often an afterthought from the established wine community. Our ultimate goal is first and foremost is to promote non-grape wines. Our research turned up several organizations already working on behalf of non-grape Wines, such as the American Mead Makers Association, and the American Cider Association. It is not our goal to compete with those organizations. We’d prefer to co-exist. Yet, as a way to differentiate our group, we settled on the title American Fruit Wine Association.

Dennis and Jenni Turner, our founding organizers, started as wine bloggers and evolved their passion into a full scale craft winery marketing organization.

We will strive to lead the AFWA in efforts to increase public awareness and promote the common interest of both amateur and commercially licensed craft Mead, Cider, and Fruit Wine producers.

Donate to our efforts as we strive to build a stronger American Fruit Wine Alliance!



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