2020 American Amateur Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition!

Don’t WASTE your time having your homemade Mead, Cider, and Fruit Wines judged by some WINE SNOB who only knows and drinks vinifera wines. ANNOUNCEMENT: The American MCF Wine Competition is now open for entries! 2020 entry deadline is July 15th. Download entry form and guidelines on tab above. Don’t postpone your entry as dependingContinue reading “2020 American Amateur Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition!”

Blueberry Wine – Old Homeplace Vineyards, Winston-Salem, NC

Our wine tonight is the Blueberry from Old Homeplace Vineyard in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Blueberry fruit wine. Light purple in color with a reddish rim. Nose and flavor are distinctively blueberry. Nose is delicate, earthy with hints of blueberry jam. Semi-Sweet. Medium bodied. Fruity and bright expressing a slight tartness, with notes of vanilla custard,Continue reading “Blueberry Wine – Old Homeplace Vineyards, Winston-Salem, NC”

Carolina Crisp – Chatham Cider Works, Pittsboro, NC

Our wine tonight is the Carolina Crisp from Chatham Cider Works in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Straw in color, perhaps unpolished gold. Label describes as effervescent, though we’d call this more of a sparkling. It’s bubbly! Nose and taste are spot on with notes of freshly picked green apple. True to it’s claim, crisp with aContinue reading “Carolina Crisp – Chatham Cider Works, Pittsboro, NC”

Eden Vermont Iced Cider

Our wine tonight is the Vermont Iced Cider from Eden Iced Cider Company in Newport, Vermont. Heirloom blend. Produced of 15 different blended Heirloom apple varieties. 100% Vermont grown apples. 15% Residual Sugar (by weight). Sugar at Harvest 35° Brix Orange amber hue. Nose of freshly pressed raw apple cider, honey, and brown sugar. Still,Continue reading “Eden Vermont Iced Cider”

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