2020 American Amateur Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition!

Don’t WASTE your time having your homemade Mead, Cider, and Fruit Wines judged by some WINE SNOB who only knows and drinks vinifera wines. ANNOUNCEMENT: The American MCF Wine Competition is now open for entries! 2020 entry deadline is July 15th. Download entry form and guidelines on tab above. Don’t postpone your entry as dependingContinue reading “2020 American Amateur Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition!”

Fat Ass Heifer Cidery – Campobello, South Carolina

Yes, that is not a typo. Yes, this is a Cidery! Yes, We bought the t-shirt! Rancher John Macomson bought the 51 acre property about 10 years ago. Known as Catlow Creek Ranch, John is raising miniature Hereford, Lowline, and Agnus cows. One well-conditioned yet rambunctious heifer was giving John frustrating trouble not wanting toContinue reading “Fat Ass Heifer Cidery – Campobello, South Carolina”

Hazy Strawberry Cider – Botanist and Barrel

Our wine tonight is the Hazy Strawberry Cider From Botanist and Barrel in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Light orange in color. Nose of fresh sliced green apples dipped in caramel sauce. Tart on the tongue. Flavor notes of green apple with expressive hints of strawberry and lime. 8% ABV Ships to most states. 375 ml bottle with aContinue reading “Hazy Strawberry Cider – Botanist and Barrel”